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Tip: Using Video to Promote Your Business

by Opaque Design on February 16th, 2011

Video can be a highly effective way to promote a service or product. It gives potential customers a quick way to determine if a company is what they are looking for.

Possible Uses for Video

Solar Panel Promotional Video

Visually explain a service or demo a product – Demonstrate a product in action, show installers on the job, or have the owner or other staff on screen explaining what the company does.

How-to videos Offer helpful video content to customers to keep them coming back to the web site, or into a store. Give them tips on how to use their new purchases.

Before and After video Quickly show the benefits of a product or service by showing the results of using it.

Promotional Video Tips

Catering Services Promotional Video

Keep production costs in check – Opaque Design often creates a promotional video by combining photos, logos and voice-overs with animated video effects and transitions.

This technique provides an effective promotional tool, while keeping production costs low. The resulting video can be used online or for broadcast.

Simplicity is Key – Potential customers and prospects have limited time to spend, so outline the specific benefits of your service or product. Give enough information to get them interested, but resist the temptation to go overboard with details and lose their interest.

Video Length – Shorter is better. Prospects have many things competing for their attention – get to the point. Under three minutes is usually best.

Appropriate Graphics – Professional visual transitions, effects and keys will make your video stand out.

Promote the VideoIn addition to posting the video on your web site:

  • Include a link to the video if you send an e-newsletter to customers and prospects.
  • Create a YouTube account to upload and embed videos. For multiple videos, create a YouTube channel for your company.
  • Post the video on your Facebook Fan page and Twitter

Check out some more promotional videos, and contact us to find out how we can help promote your business with video.

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